Paris Photography Tours

Our Photographers

Caspar Miskin

Since arriving in Paris from Denmark in 2012 I have been taking pictures in this beautiful city consistently. Not only using it professionally but also personally as it has so much to offer with its old architecture, city landscapes and the diversity of its inhabitants. And to walk the streets at night with a camera bag and a tripod and see what the golden street lights should paint for you is like nowhere else. Join me on a walk through the Parisienne streets while you practice, experiment and learn more about your camera and to see the light that is around you.

William Lounsbury

Originally from Missouri, USA, I have called Paris home since early 2012. My time off is mainly spent as my time on, wandering the outer reaches of this city, from Montmatre to Vincennes, camera in hand, to capture the spontaneous moments that the hidden quarters present to me. I love to play with light and enjoy teaching the more subtle creative points of photography to help you understand not only your camera, but also your eye.

Alexander J.E. Bradley

I've been living in Paris since 2010 and I simply cannot get enough of this city. Each time I take a tour, I still manage to find some small thing that I've never noticed before, this magnificent city is bursting with secrets, vistas, and details and is a photographers delight. I guess that is why I love this city so much (and croissants). Let me guide you through some of my favourite parts of the City of Light and let me impart some of my practical photography knowledge to help you take creative control of your images.

Anni Maarit

IIn 2012 I shed my architecture background, left my native Finland and moved to Paris to give in to the long lasting love affair towards the visual image and I have been constantly taking pictures ever since. Working with other photographers expedites my knowledge and I developed a style oh photography that captures the intimacy and chaotic order or Paris which results in a intricate balance in my photography. Take a tour of Paris with me and I’ll teach you how lines turn into images.

Clara Abi Nader

After getting my bachelor degree in Photography from The Lebanese Academy of Fine Arts, I came to Paris for a masters in filmmaking. I became passionate about photography while taking portraits of my family and entourage. I developed a sense of narrative and slowly developed an interest in the cinematic quality of the pictures I was creating. By submerging myself in the visual world of cinema I pushed myself to create works that tell a story and turn the mundane into magnificence.