Paris Photography Tours


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2 people - photographer and assistant
About 3 hours (happy to go over to get that last shot)
20 images - colour corrected and toned
Full resolution images without watermark
Social Media friendly images without watermark

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The shoot will last roughly 3 hours (we won't rush if you don't) and we will take you to three distinctly unique locations. After our shoot we will deliver you a minimum of 20 fully toned and photoshopped images. If you are a regular and have your favorite neighborhood; we will find great original locations within it. If this is your first time we will take you to our favorite parts of the city. We will work with you before the shoot to develop the perfect locations and picture ideas so that on the day it won't be work, it will just be a lot of fun!

Is one of you never in a photograph because you make all the images? Are you tired of trying to convince your friends you both were in Paris? Have you taken our tours and realised we are the most charming people in France?

Do you want your memories of Paris to be as easy to recall as a flip through the photo album?

Let us take you to the most picturesque parts of the city on a photoshoot to capture your time in Paris! Whether you are celebrating your marriage, traveling with your family, friends having a great time or simply a traveler looking for great memories, we will make beautiful pictures of you! We will begin the shoot at a cafe near our pre-chosen locations for a coffee or glass of wine. Any great photo shoot is a collaborative effort and we want you to know us as well as us knowing you! Once everyone is ready (and excited!) we will go out shooting.