Paris Photography Tours

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Night Tour

The Pairs Photography Night Tour leads you through the darkened heart of this historic city. The 3 hour tour teaches you how to make beautiful nighttime images through mastering the more challenging elements of photography.

Want to step up a notch your photography skills in the most photogenic city in the world? Try your hand at capturing beautiful night photography panoramas of Paris in its best light, after dark.

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Day Tour

The Paris Photography Day Tour takes you through the center of Paris exploring its most iconic sights as well as lesser known ones. The 3 hour tour teaches photography basics as well as encouraging your creativity and photographic development.

Paris is the most photographed city in the world, but do you feel like your images don't match up to the postcards?

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We shoot you

Book a photoshoot to capture your time in the City of Light and work together with one of our talented photographers to develop you dream image.

Do you want your memories of Paris be as easy to recall as a flip through the photo album? Are you tired of one of you only being photographed with a camera (or unable to put the camera done)? Have you taken our tours and realized we are the most charming people in Paris?

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